Realignment – Four Years On

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Apr 07 2019 - May 01 2019

Kathy McLean Pot

Kathi McLean discovered the wonders of clay over 30 years ago and has developed her unique style of pottery through education. 

“My interest in pottery began in the 1970s after my first daughter was born. I tried all crafts but once I found clay, I knew it was what I wanted to  explore  further – it’s my therapy, passion and my happy space,” she says.

The talented Alexandra potter has exhibited in a variety of places and says she has been fortunate to work with many highly qualified teachers.

“I was fortunate to spend ten days in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece on a ceramic workshop with Hector Mavridis who teaches on primitive firing methods. He was a great mentor who encouraged me to believe in myself and experiment with effects of fire.” 

“My work in the Eade Gallery solo exhibition is entitled Realignment – Four Years On and will be a selection of shapes, forms and cylinders that have been raku or pit fired using various firing effects.