Outlines by Melanie Eade

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Mar 10 2019 - Apr 03 2019

Old car wreck at Alexandra Airport

Taking up residence in Central Otago was the catalyst for Melanie Eade’s return to painting and the discovery of a medium and style that resonates with her new surroundings.
“My background in fine art, graphic and retail design is strongly reflected in my recent works,” says Melanie. The use of form found in the natural “architecture” of our surroundings, man-made structures and strong use of line and perspective shows the influence my architect father has had on my artistic direction.”
Melanie’s solo exhibition showcases not only the natural beauty of the region but also how the landscape can co-exist with functional man-made objects and structures. “As an artist I look past the original or present function of these elements, seeing the relationship of the “form” to its surroundings.
With Central steeped in so much history there are visual reminders everywhere of our past. These “reminders” have also extended to objects from the present.
I work predominantly in pastels, mainly oil pastels with a black wash that brings out shadows and outlines. This illustrative style requires me to simplify the composition giving it a wonderfully bold, colourful and print like quality.”