Memories by Esther Dexter

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Dec 01 2019 - Dec 21 2019

The subject of “Memories” has emerged in various forms in my works over the last couple of years. Having 2 family members with alzheimer’s disease was one of the reasons for this. 

“Shadows of Memories” and “What the Trees See” evoke the idea of lost memories that are just shadowy, ghostly figures with no detail. I was seeing through the mind of someone with alzheimer’s with their mixed up thoughts and putting these into landscape form. The pieces also make the viewer aware of time passing and all that has gone before.

The “Once upon a Time” series is about places that no longer exist other than in our memories. Though the scenes look much like Arrowtown scenes, they represent the villages that are gone, such as Macetown, Bendigo and others.

“A Forest Dream” 1 and 2 are about the mountains’ memories of when they were once forested. 

The remaining 2 artworks are my own memories of the landscape during my 15 years living in the South Island. “A Fleeting Glimpse” symbolises the brevity of a moment that is then gone, leaving just a slender memory.

The colours and techniques I use are constantly evolving as I travel extensively and look for inspiration.

I have used eggshells in some of the works. This technique was learned whilst on a course in Hanoi, Vietnam. The works are varnished and the eggshell part can be touched. “A fleeting Glimpse” is done in part with hand-painted glass, which is first shattered, then coated in resin. I have used irridescent and 2 tone paints which change colour as the light changes. This technique I invented myself as I’ve always been fascinated with shards of glass and the geometric shapes that resemble ice.