Forged in Clay by Lynne Wilson

17a Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand    [show map]

Nov 11 2018 - Dec 06 2018

Lynne Wilson Forged in Clay

The colourful and creative works by Cromwell ceramic artist Lynne Wilson are a true expression of her natural surroundings.

“My raku fired ceramic wall sculptures and caskets reflect my interest in recording the artistry of the forge, particularly the ornamental ironwork found in our oldest local cemeteries in Central Otago.”

Over the past three years Lynne has gathered, in clay, an extensive collection of decorative elements that she uses in her Cross Culture series of work. Each individual work records the location and age of the impression, adding to the provenance of the piece.

“I use strong simple forms that accommodate my love of pattern and detail. They also reflect the cultural symbolism associated with our past and lend a sense of timelessness and place.”

A recent addition to her body of work is the Memorial Casket.

“This piece as it suggests, is intended to contain memories of a passed loved one. It began when a friend needed a special container for the ashes of her beloved Bishons,” she says.