Final Destinations/Just Beginnings

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Jan 02 2021 - Jan 29 2021

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A recent move from Invercargill to Clyde has been an exciting step for artist Peter Walker.
“I have been based in Invercargill for 30 plus years as a builder and part-time artist so this transition to Central Otago has offered a more relaxed lifestyle with the opportunity to focus on my painting,” says Peter. 
“During Covid-19 lockdown I enjoyed the rare opportunity to paint uninterrupted and continuously for weeks at an end which was a luxury I had never experienced before.  The works I painted during this time now complete the majority of my solo exhibition at Eade Gallery.”
 Peter has been painting for 20 years and has won several awards, including Macalister’s Award for Best Exhibit. He says local artists have been a huge influence but he has worked to develop a style that reflects his own personality with a fresh approach. 
“My work is consciously unpremeditated and relies on spontaneity.  Each painting is a journey in discovery with unintended results and surprises.  This approach ensures that my paintings are kept fresh and are sometimes puzzling – I love to experiment.”  
“I have an expressionist style that is enhanced by the mixing of different mediums, for example acrylic and enamels, hopefully in a controlled manner,” he says. “The intention with each painting is to challenge and question the viewer to discover their own meanings and interpretations hidden within the canvas.”