Overture by Nigel Wilson

17A Holloway Street Clyde Central Otago New Zealand    [show map]

Dec 13 2018 - Jan 09 2019

Figure in a Landscape Nigel Wilson

The expressive raw beauty captured in works by Central Otago landscape painter, Nigel Wilson, are highly sought after.

“My present painting concerns can be summed up by ‘figure in a landscape’,” says Nigel “These landscapes are known locations such as the Alexandra and Arrowtown river walks, my own property at Ferris Road and more recently the Butchers Dam vicinity. The views are more intimate and personal now, and by positioning a figure in the landscape they become self-referential.”

Nigel has developed a variety of techniques that will be displayed at the Eade Gallery exhibition.

“I’m painting in acrylics on paper now with techniques including paint dripping, pooling and palette knife application, both thick and thin,” says Nigel. “The works have a lot of vitality and the energy with which I make work, that people are familiar with, is still all up at the front, even more so.”

Switching to acrylic has made Nigel’s painting life easier leading to the development of an alternative expressive style.

“I have found this really enjoyable – the work is quicker and completely different from the disciplines of oil painting. It’s a new direction really, for me, and a pleasure to reinvent myself in a successful way.”