Central Otago, Anthotypes

The Alchemist and I - Eric Schusser and Annemarie Hope-Cross

Eade Gallery

04 Nov 2023 – 29 Nov 2023

Award-winning Alexandra photographer Eric Schusser has produced a special duo solo exhibition to commemorate the works of his late partner and photographer Annemarie Hope-Cross.
“It focuses on anthotypes showcasing Annemarie’s most recent work prior to her death from cancer in December last year,” says Eric.
“Anthotypes are photographs on paper coated with various mixtures made from berries, leaves, fruits and herbs with plants placed on top and then glass. The images are exposed to the sun for two to six weeks and most eventually fade. Annemarie had a purist approach to this and my approach was photographing and interpreting the process.” NB. The images that are displayed are of photographs of Annemarie's original works which will not fade.
“Anthotypes take time and care to produce, they are transitory and a bit ethereal — you never know the exact result. With Annemarie living with cancer for five and half years this approach allowed her time to experiment with an historic photographic process which was her specialty area.
For us both working in this medium it became something we shared and experimented with together and I hope people appreciate the commemorative personal approach to these images.”