by Esther Dexter


Eade Gallery

27 Jan 2023 – 28 Feb 2023

Esther Dexter is a well-known artist in Central Otago and no stranger to Eade Gallery where her bright and vivid textural artworks are sought after.
Esther produces a variety of works that are instantly recognisable for their graphic local landforms.
“My artwork is acrylic — mixed media on board. I work with eggshells, resin and sometimes hand-painted recycled glass and led lights. My chosen theme for this exhibition is Subliminal. This enables me to paint South Island inspired landscapes and dreamscapes that will have hidden themes and ideas within the works.” Esther hopes her new exhibition will push the boundaries. “It will include two artworks that light up from within and landscapes with messages in them that are both subtle and obvious. I hope people have fun discovering the messages in the artworks. “An example is The Mountain of Abundance which has LED lights buried behind hand-painted glass. There are positive messages and affirmations buried in this piece which can be seen under close inspection.”