Central Otago


Eade Gallery

03 Apr 2022 – 01 May 2022

REFLECTIONS is a collection of curated works made over the last 12 months — contemporary paintings, drawings and small sculptural works. During this time Gretl and her husband have made the permanent move to Central Otago and are in the process of building an art studio.
"I have been embracing this area we now call home and observing and making new work reflecting my emotional response to the landscape in an abstract direction.
My work continually evolves and I find with more certainty in my art practice I am allowing myself the freedom to explore and see what unfolds. The visual drawings are expressive and emotional lines crafted by my hand."
Gretl's background in interior design and art has made her acutely aware of how we inhabit spaces and our surroundings. It is therefore important to her to hand make some of the materials used in her art.
"I grind my own inks, use pigments and make my own wax mediums. This process connects me closer to my work and is part of my unspoken authentic voice."