Patterns of Land by Marg Hamilton

Eade Gallery

04 Mar 2022 – 31 Mar 2022

Alexandra artist Marg Hamilton is inspired daily by her regular walks around the Alexandra Basin and her highly detailed acrylic and ink works on board reflect many
New Zealand landscape settings.
“My solo exhibition at Eade Gallery this summer will be a focus on combining stylised landscape elements with both Māori and Polynesian design motifs incorporated
into the work. I have been introducing these types of design elements into my art for some time now and it seems to be successful. Personally, I am liking this combination a lot.”
As a former college art teacher Marg is well versed in the works and history of many well-known New Zealand artists.
“I am now in my fourth year away from teaching secondary school art which was a job I absolutely loved. Together with my students we explored many works of our New Zealand artists and there is no doubt they have been an influence in my own art
Painting has been an important part of Marg’s life and she has established a national and international following for her work.
“I have traditionally worked with acrylic and mixed media on board and see no reason to change this as it allows me to be quite vigorous with surface textures. Currently I am enjoying using both inks and shellac for added richness along with the application of gold and silver.”