Paper Trails

Eade Gallery

04 Mar 2023 – 29 Mar 2023

Renowned New Zealand painter Nigel Wilson and landscape photographer Neville Porter both have a reputation for their atmospheric works of Central Otago scenes.
“Neville and I are happily paired together as artists for the planned duo solo exhibitions at Eade gallery because there are already some links between our respective works,” says Nigel. “This is to do with the similar Central Otago landscapes that we both choose as subject matter for our individual works.”
They are producing four to five works each under the working title Paper Trails.
“Our collaboration link relates to using the exact same paper and size as the medium and that forms the common thread between our work which will be produced using handmade Japanese paper.”
“We won’t be working any more closely than those general paper themes so as to allow us both to think and create on our own terms. Neville, as the photographer, will print his work onto this very textured paper and I will paint my works on it which will create the exhibition parallels.”