By Peter Langford

Nudes & Ceramics

Eade Gallery

02 Feb 2024 – 24 Feb 2024

Auckland based ceramicist and artist Peter Langford will be exhibiting framed pastel drawings and over 40 pieces of ceramic work, including domestic ware and large platters, in his solo exhibition at Eade Gallery in February 2024.
“2023 marked the 50th anniversary of when, as a student at the Otago Polytechnic Art School, I was introduced to serious art practice,” says Peter “I experienced my first life drawing classes and learnt to pot on the wheel amongst other things.”
“For me the ability to draw and the comprehension of form in art is essential to the making of all good works so I have dedicated this anniversary to rehoning my life drawing skills and have been attending regular life drawing sessions available in my local community.”
Peter hopes people will enjoy the beauty of the human form expressed in his new exhibition works.
“I see these works as a continuation of the tradition of viewing the
human body as a source of artistic appreciation.”
“One of my challenges when drawing is avoiding tension and retaining the freshness of the work. When I am painting with glaze on ceramics I feel relaxed and free. So, by working on these two mediums together it has allowed me to take what skills I have in one and transfer them for
the good of the other. The works being exhibited are the result.”