Light and Colour

Eade Gallery

06 May 2023 – 05 Jun 2023

New Zealand painter Philip Beadle will draw on his intimate awareness of Central Otago’s colourful autumnal displays for his solo exhibition in May.
“I plan to continue the theme of Central Otago paintings with an emphasis on autumn colours. I am drawn to the late afternoon light on this landscape ranging from Queenstown through Gibbston, Bannockburn, Wānaka, Clyde and Alexandra with a smattering of the Mackenzie Country. This area of the country is not too far from home
and a familiar destination where I have often visited family and friends to ski, mountain bike, tramp and generally soak up the majesty and mystery of the area of the South Island.”
Philip paints from a combination of sketches, photos and recall from his studio in Christchurch.
“My paintings can take from days to weeks to complete as I set them aside and then revisit them after catching glimpses of the other images while I work on a range of paintings. A painting can be on and off my easel over several weeks as I make adjustments until I am completely satisfied with the final outcome.”
He says choosing and making framing is part of his artistic process allowing him control over the final completed presentation.
“Any painting which requires framing is done by me in the studio, sometimes with hand applied gold leafing mouldings if that suits the artwork.
I hope people who view this exhibition will enjoy my take on the Central Otago landscape and find an emotional response to these moments captured in time.”