FOOTPRINTS by Debbie McCaw and Lynne Wilson

Eade Gallery

05 Jan 2024 – 31 Jan 2024

Artists Lynne Wilson and Debbie McCaw present a unique duo solo exhibition at Eade Gallery throughout January 2024.
“It’s been challenging and rewarding bringing our two different mediums together,” says Lynne. “Debbie’s work in collage and my raku fired ceramics quickly found a common thread to provide a narrative. We are both drawn to the landscape and the human impact evident, while each focusing on our own artistic interests.”
Lynne’s ceramics are a return to her earlier series Unfolding Land and Floral Notes, which follows the trails of the early pioneers and their impact on the landscape. “Shades of violet, lime green, sulphur yellow and orange represent species introduced on goldminers’ boots and Kowhai planted by early Maori that mark the trails leading to West Coast
Debbie hopes viewers will enjoy the different styles of works exhibited together.
“I embrace my art as I do life and my paintings reflect my personality, enthusiasm and spontaneity. My chosen medium of collage allows a vast variety of colours, tones and textures with the challenge being to find suitable edited paper material to produce a picture.”
“Some of my research of early Central Otago pioneers and goldminers is portrayed in this work referencing the footprints left on the landscape by generations of settlers. I endeavour to provoke a thought or a relationship with he viewer in my semi abstract pictures.”