By Melanie Eade and Thomas Geddes

Fire and Water

Eade Gallery

02 Dec 2023 – 03 Jan 2024

Melanie Eade and her son Thomas Geddes are collaborating on landscapes with similarly ethereal atmospheres for their duo solo exhibition entitled “Fire & Water”.
Watercolours painted by Thomas and Melanie’s encaustic wax artworks are surprisingly similar in many ways.
“We are exploring texture, colour, and mood through meditative, dream-like landscapes within the realm of subjective landscapes — the meeting of the imagined, the remembered and the real as well as the confluence of land, water, and sky.”
Melanie recently embarked on an artistic style and medium change which has been challenging and liberating.
“Encaustic painting is 3,000 years old. I work with molten pigmented encaustic wax medium and shellac on board to create multi-layered works, with each layer painted and fused with a blow torch.”
“Thomas’ works are experimental exposing the flow of water and pigments over paper creating unexpectedly beautiful results. It is the similarity of the wax and watercolour mediums which is the seed that has guided all our choices."