Discovery and Rediscovery

Eade Gallery

01 Apr 2023 – 03 May 2023

An iconic local landscape is the subject for two Central Otago artists whose works will be on display as part of a collaborative duo solo exhibition in April.
Ceramicist Kathi McLean and painter Gretl Barzotto have teamed up to explore and study The Nevis Valley through their own artistic endeavours.
“We are looking at this incredible landscape to reveal what it means to us both,” says Gretl.
Kathi is rediscovering her family connections to the Nevis by using her pottery to recreate new images of the history and landscape while Gretl is discovering The Nevis Valley and all its nuances with her paintings.
“We have worked closely together over several months discussing the subject matter and our individual responses to the Nevis. The interaction between our art is continually evolving especially how the works speak to each other and additionally the linkages of colours, surfaces and materiality.”
It’s the first time Gretl and Kathi have worked together and have enjoyed spending time in each other’s studios.
“It’s been interesting discussing our works during the process which has ultimately deepened our connection to this place and our artistic responses,” says Gretl. “The collaboration has increased the energy between us with the works enriched and creating harmonies that otherwise would not have been possible if we were working alone.”
She says they will select and curate the final exhibition pieces together.
“We are allowing our practices to be open to new possibilities for this exhibition with our artistic sensibilities being given free reign without too much preplanning.”