The Celadon Box - Megan Huffadine

Megan Huffadine

The Celadon Box, 2021

Framed: 84 x 84 x 3.5cmAcrylic paint and mediums on boardSoldDuring the lock down for Covid 19 I decided to focus on painting for the entire period and took myself off on a self-imposed painting intensive. I have been working towards developing a means to express my ideas through painting for some time. These works represent a break though in this journey. I have long been interested in still life painting and the idea that a group of objects can be used to tell a story. By painting my own version of a cabinet, I can refer to the notion of Wunderkammer or Cabinets of Wonder which have long been part of my practice. Wunderkammer or Cabinets of Wonder have a long history stretching back to the Renaissance. They were the precursor to the modern museum. Wunderkammer held collections of objects gathered from the natural world, including genuine objects and fakes juxtaposed with made objects and works of art. They were often presented as a symbolic microcosm of the world. A collection of objects that allowed for the shared exploration of ideas and encouraged curiosity about the world. Painting enables to me create complex forms as well as working with colour and a wide range of paint techniques. My sculptures also appear in the works, now located within an environment that contains and holds them.