Cross Culture Series Lidded Box - "Revival Solo Exhibition" - Lynne Wilson

May 4, 2020

Lynne Wilson

Cross Culture Series Lidded Box - "Revival Solo Exhibition"

12.5 x 12.5 x 10cmRaku fired ceramics with glass, enamel, gold dust The jewellery and beads are remnants of the collections once owned by three generations of women in Lynne Wilson's family.Sold"Revival " solo exhibition “Over the years, playing with fire has provided many moments of thrilled satisfaction and countless not-quite-there-yet moments. The fire goddess can be a fickle mistress, as my garden Path of Broken Dreams testifies. Not all disappointing results emerging from the kiln are destined to be destroyed and these are put aside to be reconsidered at a later date, which in the excitement of making new work, never seems to come. Covid-19 has provided a rare opportunity to focus on their resurrection…and have rather a lot of fun in the process. For some years I’ve used post firing ‘correction’ mediums from ink to gold dust, even nail polish to pick up small details. As a ceramicist I’ve always felt a small twinge of guilt that perhaps I was cheating, an accusation a few traditionalists felt necessary to make. However, as an artist I have no such qualms. Revival is a selection of works ranging from 2004 - Green Man’s Daughter, to the more recent Cross Culture series. Some have been repaired using the *Kintsugi practise and others just needed a lift with the help of collected small treasures. Curating this show has caused me to reflect on my work past and present. Following the progression of thought and technique has offered a tantalizing glimpse of the future.” NB.Image show each of the 4 sides and lid of the box.