Triangles and Stars vessel - Kim Henderson

Kim Henderson

Triangles and Stars vessel, 2021

38 cmPaper Clay - mono print method

My paper clay mono print method:
It begins by using a flat plaster-of-Paris surface (approx 600mm by 450mm) as my ‘canvas’. With this I decorate it with coloured clay slips brushing, slip trailing and masking with paper stencils building up the desired final imagery. A mixture of liquid clay and toilet-paper pulp is blended together and applied on top of the coloured design to approx 5mm thick. Once some of the moisture of the clay has been absorbed by the plaster of Paris the entire clay image is peeled off like a piece of pastry to reveal the clay monoprint in reverse. This is finally assembled into simple forms such as bowls, wall tiles or vessels maximising the decorative surface design.