"Engaging" edition11/11 - Anneke Bester

Anneke Bester

"Engaging" edition11/11

8 x 30cmBronzeSoldAs part of the Balance series, Pirouette embodies a complete turn on one leg. The dancer usually goes round more than once. Anneke creates this dancer in a circle, as support and as a metaphor of time being circular. In life, we repeat our own actions. Our lives present similar situations over and over again. The dancer spots in order to avoid becoming disoriented. In life Anneke spots (connecting with a point on every revolution of the spin) by keeping her eye on her goals, thus not being swept away in the continuation of the spin. Pirouettes are usually fast, but supported pirouettes, in which a partner steadies the soloist, may be done very slowly. The balance acquired by having a partner as support, can assist us in slowing down and experience the rhythmic turns in life in perfect control and balance. Edition of 11. Ring 75cm Can be sold without the concrete base