Bathe - Anneke Bester

Anneke Bester

Bathe, 2019

Bronze A/P (Artists Proof)SoldSister Water (2019)
If water was a beautiful woman, would we protect her?

In a world where oil is becoming a dirty word and fresh water is our only true gem, we pollute the arteries of mother earth on a daily basis. Anneke Bester takes a stand in this momentous time of realisation. The time in the life of mother earth that is critical to her survival. Anneke is currently spending lots of time in Dubai, surrounded by the sand dunes that is a reminder of what could be New Zealand in the not so distant future. Like many other artists she feels the urgency to instigate change.
In this body of work she shows us a mirror, nothing catches the eye like a mirror, depicting water in a human form, we are after all mostly water. She shows us the beauty of water in the way we understand beauty. She shows us the delicateness of water and the eco systems it affects in the way we want to protect it. She shows us the feeling water brings to the lives it touches. She shows us the reflection of ourselves we see in the water around us. When we look into the water surrounding us, are we going to see a beautiful clear reflection or will it be polluted with our own arrogance?