Audacious - Anneke Bester

Anneke Bester


Bronze - limited edition of 11SoldWith Anneke’s 2017 collection of works she exposes herself in her artwork. Her uncovering of her own emotion is clear in the jubilant series of work. Each piece shows her as artist experiencing an emotion related to the life changing experience of finding her soulmate. Some pieces are still covered in fabric while others break free from the cover and concealing of her emotions. Her pieces are not faceless anymore; she gives them more detail and identity than in her previous work. This series of work is close to her heart. As part of the Revealing series, Audacious is precariously balanced on a single toe. The veil or covering becomes a sail she uses to capture the movement of air as she defies gravity. It speaks to the joyful acceptance and celebration Anneke experienced once she accepted that her life has changed forever. Edition 2/11