Thomas Geddes

Thomas Geddes

  • Artist’s Statement

    For the past few years Thomas Geddes’ artistic practice has centred around the relationship between humans and the natural world.
    “I have focused on creating a cohesive body of work made up of dreamy and atmospheric watercolour landscapes,” says Thomas. “Focusing on this collection has allowed me to explore this subject matter and the physicality of this medium more deeply.”
    Watercolour has been chosen for its animate qualities, the way it seems to have a life of its own, creating beautiful and surprising effects. The paintings inhabit an ambiguous and meditative space between external landscapes and internal dreamscapes.
    Thomas recently graduated from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland. “While I have painted watercolours and landscape before, this is my first time exploring these subjects with a deep focus.”
    The Eade Gallery’s solo exhibition is Thomas’s first since leaving university.
    “At university I made a lot of installations and moving image artworks exploring the animate nature of the world and the ways humans relate to their environments. These works were strongly influenced by the natural collections of herman de vries and the performative works of Marcus Coates,” he says. “The slightly surreal quality of these inherently New Zealand landscapes I am painting, and the occasional inclusion of small, ambiguous bird headed figures, also shows the influence of Bill Hammond in my work.”

Showing the single artwork

  • Thomas Geddes

    18 x 18 cm Framed: 38 x 38 cm watercolour $680.00