Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke

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    I am a creative sculptor working in welded stainless steel. I am continually drawing inspiration from life’s infinite beauty and variety be it natural or manmade. I attempt to apply these inspirations into each sculpture I produce.
    My husband Bill Clarke has been my mentor which I am so grateful for and as we work in the same workshop it is so beneficial being able to have that constructive time in which we can see positives and negatives in each other’s work. I believe this helps us get the sculptures just as we want. Being self-taught works extremely well for us as there is no constraints.
    Stainless steel is my medium of choice I have also introduced some recycled aluminum cans with fun graphics into Frida Kahlo inspired headdress as well for my Sculpture Frida which won Peoples Choice at Art in a Garden in North Canterbury. I am now looking at adding perspex accents to my work as well to give a point of difference.
    I have been sculpting for the last 18 years after 10 years of home schooling our daughters Elisha Jordan and Sarah Clarke who are also sculptors. So proud our family all share in the passion for sculpture.
    I have my work in both private and public collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe.
    I feel very blessed to be able to make a living at something I enjoy immensely and to hear back from purchasers on the joy they receive as well.

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    Star Gazer
    147 cm Stainless Steel Sold