Leone Mason

Leone Mason

Artist’s Statement

In my work I strive to create that special essence in each and every painting. I love the challenge each medium has to offer and I am still establishing my own personal style. I enjoy the use of colour, which shows through, in my work.’


Leone Mason has been painting for over 20 years. She is self-taught and held her first solo exhibition in 1999. The success and encouragement she gained from this gave her the drive to further develop her skills and continue her passion for painting.
She has exhibited and sold her work through provincial exhibitions and dealer galleries in the South Island and has won several awards.
Over the past 20 years, painting has been her creative outlet, finding time between raising her three boys. Leone has spent time tutoring and sharing her experience and the knowledge she has gained with others.
She is now in her final year to completing a Design Technology Degree in Fashion which has opened a whole new world of creativity. She has achieved success in this creative field also, gaining placings in both National fashion shows she has entered in the last two years.

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