Francis Nicholls

Francis Nicholls

Artist’s Statement

My interest these days is painting contemporary impressionist landscapes in oil, using thick impasto paint applied with a palette knife. There is a blend of influences in my recent pictures and varying degrees of abstraction. I also like to draw on a daily basis and oftentimes paint directly from my drawings. Read More...


I was tutored by Ros Devaux at the Workshop Arts Centre, Sydney for several years in drawing, and was a long term member of a Plein Air painting class at the Royal Art Society of NSW. We would paint all around Sydney on a Saturday. I was also fortunate to have Joe Bezzina as a tutor, and he has remained to th Read More...


2009 – Received the Godfrey Plein Air (Landscape) Award at the Royal Art Society of NSW, Sydney
2017 – Awarded First Prize in the Otago Art Society’s 141st Annual Exhibition
2017 – Received Honourable Mention at ILT Art Awards in Invercargill
2018 – Awarded First Prize in the Otago Art Society’ Read More...

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  • Francis Nicholls

    First Snow Vista, Central Otago

    30 x 30 cm

    Painted "plein air" oil on board