Dane Crosland

Dane Crosland

  • Biography

    Dane was born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1994.
    I am drawn to the contrast things and concepts have, the difference in perspectives people and
    their ideas or ideals often have; some being “perfect”, others being “flawed”, some considered
    “correct” while simultaneously being “wrong”. This balance and duality of existence resonates
    with me and so I attempt to display that through my jewellery.
    As a person I have had to learn and accept that perfection is unattainable but can be strived
    towards as an ideal, whilst coming to terms with the flaws one acquires. My work represents and
    often mirrors these mentalites. However another person may see this as a feature or quality, this
    further reinforces my belief of perspectives and ideas. Beyond this, my work is also inspired by
    my other passions; video games, music, science, and concepts.
    Somewhat fittingly my jewellery education has not been the most conventional. Upon leaving
    high school and going to Otago Polytechnic to study creative studies and design. I lost sight of
    any goal I had for my future. Eventually I was presented with the opportunity of learning
    bladesmithing with renowned bladesmith Richard Van Dijk, which I took up. This led on to me
    doing jewellery night classes with Richard. Lasting a few years, this quickly became a passion
    of mine, something I could improve upon physically.
    After these night classes ended, I went back to the Otago Polytechnic to study welding and
    mechanical engineering, further expanding my skill set. Finishing this, I sought out a jewellery
    apprenticeship, which resulted in me becoming an intern at a Dunedin based studio with
    acclaimed New Zealand painter and jeweller John Z Robinson, with whom I still work alongside.

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  • Dane Crosland

    "Encassed" pendant
    Lapis Lazuli, Stg. Silver, 9ct. Gold $665.00
  • Dane Crosland

    "Lunar" Ring
    Stg. Silver and 9ct. Gold $795.00
  • Dane Crosland

    "Atomic Strength" Pendant
    3 x 3mm Opal, 9ct. Gold, Stg. Silver $770.00
  • Dane Crosland

    "Orbit" Ring
    Stg. Silver, 18ct. Gold, Onyx $505.00
  • Dane Crosland

    "Grey Matter" Pendant
    Stg. Silver, Copper $530.00
  • Dane Crosland

    "Transit" Pendant
    Stg. Silver, 18ct. Gold, Australian Sapphire Sold