Brian Woods

Brian Woods

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    Brian Woods emigrated to New Zealand 15 years ago from the UK, where after leaving college had spent several years as a stonemason restoring listed buildings, churches and cathedrals. During that restoration work Brian became involved in blacksmithing for bespoke fixtures which led him into sculptural metal work.

    Most of his career has been in construction management but Brian's sculptural work has always been his main outlet outside of work.

    After living in Wellington for 8 years Brian and his wife relocated south to Canterbury to immerse themselves in the natural beauty which inspires some of Brian’s work.

    "​I use traditional forging techniques along with modern technologies, such as plasma cutting and welding, to create my pieces. Each piece is unique and often incorporates found objects such as horseshoes, wood, stone and vehicle parts. I use materials and subjects which reflect the landscape and life within it."

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    Clutha Vines
    Steel and timber treated with Danish oil Sold